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From One Book Lover to Another

The Walk has always been a favourite place of mine – not only because of the great menu and ambiance, but also because of their quaint, tucked-away feel. Providing Nottingham with just the right combination of delicious and cosy, they have now expanded to satiate the intellect by recently launching their very own book club – The Walk Cafe Book Club

Launched in January 2011, this group is led by Pam Reader a self confessed ‘Readaholic with a passion for movies and theatre’. Along with selecting a new book every month the club also plays host to well known authors, and in the future trips and other events are being planned around these readings. The  selection is largely democratic with members getting a chance to make suggestions and take their pick from among a list of topical and interesting reads.

Having said this, the next book club meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, 31 March at 6.30 pm with ‘Nights of Villjamur’ by Mark Charan Newton as the book in consideration. In addition to this, Nicola Monaghan the award winning author will also be in attendance to discuss her novels ‘The Killing Jar’ and ‘Starfishing’, and other projects she is currently working on. Being a founding member of the Nottingham Writers’ Studio and a part time teacher on the University of Nottingham’s Creative and Professional Writing courses, Monaghan’s inputs will definitely be useful to emerging writers looking to be published.

To attend what promises to be a lively evening especially for those with a passion for creative writing, just turn up at the cafe and you’ll fit right in. If you love discussing books over a nice cup of tea or a glass of wine, then this is definitely a stop to make.