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Guest blog – Thursday 31st March


Sorry I didn’t get round to posting anything yesterday, I finished the day job and kind of got carried away making a mix-cd for mother’s day on Sunday.  Here’s the track listing for my mam –

1.  Judas Priest – Breaking the law

2.  The Spits – Amor de cha cha

3.  Worm – False world over

4.  Black Sabbath – Tomorrow’s dream

5.  Normal man – Flamingo Land

6.  Mind Spiders – Ripped

7.  The Sword – Trej Brujas

8.  Potential Johns – Sit quietly

9.  Spider – Boozetown

10.  Shang-a-Lang – Summertime

11.  Off with their heads – Their own medicine

12.  Shellshag – Rock and roll ruined my life

13.  Shrinebuilder – The architect

14.  Venom – Welcome to hell

15.  Johnny Cash – Drive on

Illustration work today, including more portrait and zine stuff.  Will hopefully have something up to catch up the blogs this evening…