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Guest Blog – Saturday 2nd April


Today we spent 8 hours at ‘Stuckonaname’ studios recording our LP.  Recording is hardly ever stress free, and this proved to be no exception.

The first obstacle was a noise we noticed on the guitar track which was a pain in the arse to sort out.  I’d changed my strings to a lighter gauge the night before, and something to do with the brightness of the new strings combined with the settings on my amp, made this weird ‘popping’ come through.  A trip to ‘Hot rox’ amp shop and some more new strings later, the problem remained after mucking about with the EQ and what not.  We decided to persevere but the next thing wrong was a dead fret on my guitar.  Fearing the neck was warped, our ‘tech’, Phil fooled around with a spanner until he identified the problem as a slight kink on the 5th string, which when straightened out, seemed to do the trick.

We recorded the songs again and carried on the rest of the day getting stressed out (well, I was, anyway) when a bung note was played or whatever stopped us getting a decent track down.  We left around 8pm, ready to give our ears a rest…

Oh, before the recording we met up for breakfast in ‘Homemade’ in Hockley.  Whilst waiting for everyone else to turn up, I drew dinosaur pictures whilst drinking too much coffee.