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Guest Blog – Sunday 3rd April

Second day in the studio…  We came back with fresh ears and listened to what we’d put down yesterday.  It sounded fine, no awkward tweaking needed doing so we could now get on with the over dubs.

The first thing was for me and Harry, who plays bass, to record 4 minutes of harsh, horrible feedback to go over the top of a sample we’re dropping in the middle of the last song.  It basically involved standing next to our amps making piercing squeals with our guitars and grimacing as it soon became hard work to endure.  The was a point where it became almost cosmic (dude), and I couldn’t tell if the noises I was hearing were from the speakers or in my head resonating as tinnitus.  I imagined the noise would fit well in that part of 2001:  Space odyssey where the main character is traveling through deep space and visiting alternate universes.  Or something.

After that far out experience I laid down some more guitar tracks and Chris did the vocals.  It was around here where we wondered why we’d written songs that go beyond the 10 minute mark as listening to them over and over and over again, soon became tiresome.  I think we were all relieved when it was time to go home.  Sounds good though.

Anyway, this is my last guest blog entry for Creative Nottingham.  Thanks to Charlotte for asking me to participate and for whoever read this over the last couple of weeks.  Feel free to check out or if you like.  I’m hoping to update the latter link a bit more regularly from now on.

Here’s a dragon eating a sandwich.  Tara.