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Guest Blog – Eternal Spirits and beautiful brides

Every day is always different in the Eternal Spirits world which is partly what I love and partly what frustrates me about having a business!!! Sometimes I crave for a bit of routine but I know it’s the last minute rush, the stress and inconsistency that keeps me going… and I know I’m lucky so I shouldn’t complain!! This last week as is usual for this time of year has been a busy week for brides. I love my brides; love this aspect of Eternal Spirits so much infact it’s what makes me smile the most. It is such a huge honour to create a gown for the most important day of a woman’s life. Because the process is so hugely personal and involved its also so lovely to spend time with my clients and their regular visits for fittings… just feels like I am having old friends over for a cup of tea every time. Now I see all my clients at home its just wonderful.  I have an old Victorian house in mapperley which is just perfectly in keeping with all things Eternal Spirits and my clients love to come here for the personal service and beautiful fitting room that’s like a giant dressing up box. Also this week I have had a new intern start with ES for the next 6 months and she is just wonderful!! I was so ready for an extra pair of hands… especially for some of the exciting things we have coming up, I need all the help I can get!! The Spring and Summer is very much about all things bridal…. And I have also been busy preparing for this Sunday’s wedding show at the Albert Hall in Nottingham which I am doing with Charlotte Thomson the wonderful pin up illustrator.

Speaking of collaborations; the photos from our new collection ‘Steal the Show’ are back and I went through them on Thursday with Sarah Davenport and photographer marcus holdsworth to select which ones we’ll be using for press and promotional work.  The shoot took place in Iceland and they are truly incredible!! I just wish I could have been there myself too…. but alas; my job really isn’t that glamorous!

A few more things in the pipeline… launches, exhibitions, shows and getting back to the old Eternal Spirits ways are on the cards for us this year. I have been on my sabbatical from stress for far too long!! Working from home does that to you…. But its not put people off we are as busy as ever! Kissing goodbye to city centre rates was the best thing I could have every done for my pocket and my creativity!! And our word of mouth business has rocketed since doing so. Just goes to show that a personal service and bespoke product rises above and beyond a glamorous façade.

I have a busy weekend of brides ahead of me….. just hope the weather stays so beautiful ready to greet all these gorgeous ladies coming to my house. I’ll be looking forward to sharing wedding tips as I am getting married myself in October. Does anyone know a good dress designer? 😉

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