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Guest Blog – Creativity & counting your blessings

Two catwalk models in Eternal Spirits Bridal gowns

Whilst most people were enjoying the glorious sunshine at the weekend; I was doing what I usually do this time of year; attending to a myriad of brides. Saturday is always a busy day of fittings… and always my favourite day of the week!! Saturdays never feel like work…. Just lots of gorgeous ladies coming to try on my creations!! Customers new and current on Saturday, as I fit in chores between appointments and get bursts of radio 6 as I do so. I love attending to my brides and hearing the latest up dates and dramas over wedding planning and guests. And although I didn’t get to enjoy the sunshine the huge windows in my consultation room meant I didn’t miss out too much.

Sunday was brides galore again at the wedding show at the Albert Hall in Nottingham in which I showed along side the fabulous Charlotte Thomson…. Who does some incredible bridal portraiture work. Lots of interested brides throughout the day, and I even managed to get a few ideas for my own wedding. At this time of year its all bridal….. and its getting busier now too!! The stresses and strains of running a business never go away so you have to focus on the parts you love the most. After scaling my business down just over a year ago I haven’t looked back; running a huge business with a big team wasn’t for me…. I love being creative and whilst I thrive on stress there is a limit!!

Today especially I am counting my blessings for it’s a year ago today that I lost a good friend and colleague Natalie who was just a bubble of sunshine. And I know we have her to thanks for this gorgeous sunny weather reminding us she’s still here. To lose a friend so suddenly at the tender age of 25 gives everyone a huge message not to take anything for granted and to live as happily as they possibly can. So I would like to share some pearls of wisdom from someone who’d had a creative business now for almost a decade…. To other creative businesses…. Smile even when its really hard to, stay loving it, and when it all feels like its going wrong, stay strong, put yourself and your creativity first and when all else fails have a cup of tea. Tea helps everything!!

Photos from the Albert Hall Wedding Fair

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