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Adventure Calling


You don’t need to be a ninja to master a two wheeler, but in my case both ventures are equally hopeless.

Still, I’m enthusiastic about the idea of riding a Segway around Wollaton Park. The £10 per person it costs,  goes towards a preliminary familiarization session and  a tour once you’ve mastered the controls.

And since I’m never ever going to buy a ‘personal people mover’ as it is so fondly called, Wollaton Park is the place for a quick hop on-hop off. Steve Jobs famously, rode one,  James Heselden the owner of Segway infamously drove one off a cliff, I’ll stick to gentle slopes of the Park to begin with.

As for today – Saturday 23rd April, Old Market Square’s all geared up for St. George’s Day. The festivities start with a parade that leaves the Forest Recreation Ground at 12 noon and will make its way to the Square in about an hour and a half. Other events include a medieval camp at Nottingham Castle, a poetry session at St. Peters Church (near Marks & Spencers), and lots of art and craft workshops for children. So choose between saint or dragon, get your costumes and flags out, and come join in celebrating a lovely holiday weekend and another promised week of sunshine.
And on behalf of everyone at Creative Nottingham, have a lovely Easter.