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Guest Blog – Snap shot of my day (Thursday 21 April 2011)


This is my first ever real blog.. Photos have been taken on my mobile phone which is quite old, but smaller in the pocket than those iPhones..

I was up till midnight the night before working on ideas for a photo shoot the next day.

Alarm this morning  goes off at 8am.

This morning breakfast is crunchy granola.

I put the bbc news channel on and look outside. Luckily I live by the river Trent so I see rowers and  ducks  passing by.

I’ve gotten into a bad habit of checking emails in the morning with breakfast, the internet connection is poor at the studio, so it has been saving me time. I make a conscious effort not to this morning.

Normally I cycle to work but today I have a few extra items to carry so opt for the bus which is very empty this morning.

A friend gets on the bus (not the old lady in the picture, that would have been good) who I have not seen for a while and we chat about her moving over to Berlin, and having to work at Boots over the weekend.

Lots of people in the market square when I get off the bus. A few years back some of my friends from London came up for my 30th birthday, they thought Nottingham felt like a holiday town.

In need of a coffee now so head to Antenna for one.

In the studio now, working on a job for Nottingham Trent Photography students.

I have designed an identity and some of the marketing material for their photography festival this summer around town, their will be some stunning shows!

My studio is in a block with a few other agencies, and everyone seems to buy milk at the same time!

The day has turned out to be nice and hot so lunch outside the studio is a must for me.

Today it’s a turkey sandwich from somewhere in Hockley.

Okay I am at the shoot now for UKYA at Nottingham Contemporary who are also a client of mine. I am working with some new people today and they have been absolutely brilliant. Dancers: Ian and Laura. Photographers: Greg and Stefan.

I go back to the studio with one of the photographers after the shoot to download the images from the camera.

Work is finished for the day at 6.30pm which is pretty normal.

As it is the beginning of the bank holiday weekend I head out to meet some friends and have a satisfying pint (or two).

At some point I do get home the next day and fall into bed.