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Guest Blog – Film intro texts


I’ve just had a fun exchange of posts on facebook. A friend of mine had posted the introduction of the film Modern Times featuring Charlie Chaplin stating it had the best opening credits.

We then started to think of others where we liked the typography.

There are lots of films with fantastic opening scenes but what we were particularly talking about where the words and graphics

Which are your most memorable or favourite?

Modern Times:

Enter the Void:

We mentioned The Shining also which is one of my all time favourite films:

Zidane (by MM Paris):

Saul Bass had made plenty of brilliant ones, influencing films titles like ‘Catch me if you can’. Here’s a simple one I like:

here is one I was we were show at Graham Fink’s Theartcshool – Graham used it as an example of creating something without much budget.

& a particular favourite: