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Links Round-Up: Following our Birdie

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twitter logoThe first results from our survey  of you, our readers (thanks to everyone who has taken a few minutes to complete it, and not too late for the rest of you) show that many of you are twitter-centric.  So as an experiment this week, we have dispensed with the usual Links Round-Up blog posts, and tweeted the items instead.  Shorter, but faster publication.  If you had been following us this week, you would have seen (with the links expanded):

As well as these tweets, we regularly re-tweet items of interest from the wide range of creatives and organisations we follow.  Why not join our nearly 2,500 followers?

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  • if you have an Iphone, you can get our Appwhich also makes it easy to read the blogposts as well
  • and the website has the twitter feed in a box on the side.

Watch the birdie!