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Links Round-up: An arty start to May

Courtesy of Surface Gallery

Courtesy of Surface Gallery

Well the holidays are over, for now – but what a marvelous thing to have a week ‘bookended’ by bank holidays – might even be rarer than a solar eclipse!  Hopefully you made the most of it (if you had the opportunity).

Now it’s back to work, but at least we still have the beautiful sunshine to maintain some ‘happy’ hormones, before the rain comes.

Fear not, this is not intended to be a prediction of the weather – but the near future for Nottingham is looking even brighter (spiritually, at least) – as there are plenty of arty and cultural activities to keep us all occupied over the coming week.

Here’s a brief round-up of just some of these events:

Fluorescent Sheep

Date and time: 3rd – 14th May. Open Tues-Fri 12-6. Sat 11-5. (Private View: 5th May 6-8pm)
The venue: Surface Gallery

This entirely volunteer–run gallery has yet another intriguing collaboration to offer lovers of contemporary art…(picture above courtesy of the Surface Gallery website).

This curiously titled exhibition, alone, is enough to entice me for a visit. If only to answer one question – will there be any formaldehyde sheep?  We’ll have to go and see for ourselves, but it promises to be a fascinating exhibition, with or without – so move over Damien Hirst!

More details can be found on the Surface Gallery website.


Date and time: Private view 6th May – (6pm to 9pm). Runs until 28th May 2011
The venue: The Crocus Gallery

Another group exhibition of the ‘multi-disciplinary’ kind is on display from 6th May at Crocus Gallery – a venue that in the year since its launch, has fast grown its reputation for creativity with genuine community spirit.

“‘Unveiling’ features a diverse range of works from photography to installation. Representations range through physical decay to emotional trauma.”

We would less easily recognise the good things in life, without the bad that we also experience from time-to-time – it may also be possible to see beauty in decay. This thought-provoking exhibition is likely to ensure we take an inward look, to help us find out.

‘Unveiling’ will run alongside the current exhibition to celebrate the Gallery’s first birthday.

Karin Kihlberg and Reuben Henry
Consequence of Retrospect

Date and time: 7th May (Opens at 18:00) – 4th June
The venue: Trade Gallery

“Taking a selection of video artworks from the last seven years of collective practice the exhibition Karin Kihlberg & Reuben Henry –  ‘Consequence of Retrospect’; draws together a series of artworks that use cinematic devices, forms and structures as departure points for exploring relationships between the viewer and the (moving) image. ” (Descrption from the Trade Gallery website).

Opening times can be found on the website.

Also this Saturday:

May Fest

Date and time: 7th May from 11am to 5.30pm
The venue: The University of Nottingham

This is a day of free, fun and activities for all ages and interests. The event last year was fascinating and gave a real insight into many of the great research projects in progress at the University.  It promises to be a wonderfully creative way to find out about science – through fun activities and experimentation.  So, get your ‘inquisitive’ hat on, and head down to the city centre campus this weekend.

More details can be found on The University of Nottingham website.

Later this month we see the arrival of ‘Neat 11’ – the Nottingham European Arts and Theatre Festival – more about this one nearer the date – but if you’d like to get in early and guarantee your seats, you can now book tickets online.