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Something to make you smile


ThesunalwaysshinesontvIn a previous blog I questioned if doing creative stuff is what makes us happy or happiest. An interesting discussion ensued, and with some fascinating, philosophical comments about the meaning of life in reply…all good stuff!  If you missed the article, here is the link to it.

Some of these responses would be best followed up by the Monty Python team – with added humour and zeal – but in their absence, I will do my best to continue this thread in ‘honour of Creativity’.

It is noted that the question of ‘happiness’ poses an interesting challenge for us all – especially in these dreary times of political wrangling, austerity and wars.  To keep our costs down, many of us have tried to seek comfort in the TV – sat with a bag of munchies and a beer – but we can’t rely on that either – there’s nothing cheery on that any more – it’s all doom and gloom. And otherwise, if I have to watch one more episode of The Sweeney, I’ll ****?!@**….!!!

Anyway, it’s really doesn’t sit right with me, to feel so led by TV or media. Artists are very individualistic, and like to lead themselves – be it in ‘tribes’ sometimes – (don’t we?)  So, I’ve stopped watching the news and TV generally, and have started reading back issues of The Dandy to get my laughs instead – much more informative.

I’m sure that most of you out there in the creative community would agree, that creative people are often under-estimated for their valuable contribution to business, and ultimately, our impact on society.  But do you think maybe it’s because we don’t make ourselves heard enough? Do you think maybe it’s because we don’t always realise our true value either?

Without creative people where would the world be? For example, without music we could not sing or dance, express our emotions – happy and sad, anger or exhilaration – the things that help us to get through the events in life – good and bad. Without a good book to read, or a great picture to look at we might have nothing to see, ponder or inquire over – to make us feel delight or disgust!  Without video games we might never get the chance to be an ace race-car driver or fly a space ship.  Whatever it may be, we can say that everything about everything, somewhere down the line, has involved ‘creatives’ and creative deeds.

From this I have decided, that for me, the time to do something different is NOW!  To make better use of the creative freedoms I have, and investigate how I can put my ideas and practical skills to use – to enhance my life, and the lives of others.

I’ve made a start by ensuring there’s now always something good on my TV – (I don’t mean the headless Buddah – that isn’t good, that’s just bad photography!) I was going to skip my old set, but a friend of mine has improved it – and now it makes me happy, so it will stay.  Even though there is a small tear on the face of the clown, I see this as my reminder to make the most of my day.

This is also my contribution to the reuse-revolution, in readiness for the post-digital switch-off….