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Guest Blog – Indian Glamour…a World away from Vintage!

gold and red cupcakes

henna handsThe cupcake world is well and truly immersed in all things vintage. Soft dusky pink roses, hues of duck egg blue, mushroom and soft cream – it’s every traditional bride’s dream and I’m surrounded by cupcake extraordinaries creating the most beautiful themed cupcakes.

If you have ever attended an Indian wedding, you will know that those truly gorgeous hues will lose the battle to get noticed in one of the most colourful events in an asian lifetime.

It all starts with the henna….

The aim is to obtain the deepest red possible, in the most intricate design. Henna will often adorn the brides hands, forearms, and feet.

The bride will be wearing the most beautiful gold jewellery, in 24 carat gold, the deepest golden yellow.

The fabrics you see at an Indian wedding will range from the heavily embroidered bridal outfit to the sumptuous silk sari’s worn by the guests.

I took inspiration from all the above elements to produce a range of cupcakes fit for an Indian princess. There are two collections showcased here, the first the traditional gold and red:

gold and red cupcakesEach cake is individually hand decorated to provide exquisite detailing¬† – handmade roses with each petal dipped in glitter so give sparkly edges… primroses with delicately curved petals, golden sugar crystals, and gold sugar balls in assorted sizes. Put together into a cupcake tower, this collection will stand proud and turn heads.

purple and ivory cupcakesThe second collection has been created in purple and ivory.

Romantic roses, traditional hearts… with the sparkly presence of gold balls and glitter.

This purple cupcake tower will command attention with its regal colour and soft ivory touches.

These collections are the first of many. I take pride in creating sets that complement the theme of the wedding. Bling factor is totally customisable!

By far my most creative efforts.

Hope you have enjoyed.