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Guest Blog – Taking over the world, one Cupcake at a time?


At least that’s how I thought when I first started this business. We find a new skill, passion, which makes the day job that pays the bills pale into insignificance. I trained for years to become a lawyer, when that wasn’t enough of a rush, I went into partnership to open a restaurant. That restaurant has recently got into the top ten restaurants best restaurants in Nottingham.  And now I’m bored.

When I think back to how this all started, I struggle to remember. I’m the kind of person that needs to continually challenge herself. I see something. I want it. I have a creative side that I was forced to suppress when progression on the academic was “for the best”.

Why cupcakes? They’re quite simply beautiful. The possibilities are endless. From silly Sesame Street themed to sophisticated bridal – I love going into the kitchen and losing myself in the therapy.

The best bit. People think they are worth paying for. Took a long time for that to sink in. And when it did, the adrenaline started. Where could this lead to? Hours online watching videos on youtube, teaching myself to pipe swirls. I am totally self taught. Why my own business?

Because it will be all mine.

Because despite feeling rock bottom or on top of the world, I will always escape to baking.

Because I need to prove I can do it alone.

I don’t compromise my ingredients. I am a fusspot. I love it when my customers notice the little black dots in my cupcakes. Yes. ..real vanilla.  Luxury is something that simply cannot be compromised on. And those that recognise it, will understand my attitude. It’s there in every batch – Dollymix Cupcakes is not a production line.

I am not one those bakers that wants to maximise the profit margin. This a hobby first, a business second. And that’s why my personality shows on my Facebook page ( and my blog ( I want people to see the real me. Not just the side that painstakingly bakes each cupcake, fills each piping bag, sits and daydreams about cupcake designs. But the other side that bakes in her Uggs and leather jacket and then spills batter on them, tweets nonsense all day long, of which maybe half will be cake related. The side that is a multi tasking mum and wife, for whom it often just gets too much! People like to do business with real people.

So I’m not taking over the world one cupcake at a time. When I do get that sugar-rush while immersed in flyers and advertising, I remind myself that good things grow slowly, beautifully, and gracefully.