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Guest Blogger – A rose by any other name…

Rampant Rock Stitches

So, I’ve decided that it’s now or never and I’m going to start my own creative business, but what should I call this burgeoning empire? So many of the great crafty puns have been taken and at a loss for inspiration, I turn to the melting pot of ideasmiths that collectively call themselves the Rampant Rock Bitches.

Hard Rock Hell

Forged by the Devil’s own hand in Hell’s Kitchen a decade ago (well, the Rock City Food Bar), these Amazonian wenches have travelled the length and breadth of the land (we’ve even been to Prestatyn on a number of occasions) spreading their own inimitable form of rock-based joy to the masses. Surely, between us (assisted by the gift of cider), we could come up with a suitable moniker? After a good deal of heated debate, it was decided that the way forward would be to stay with an established ‘brand’ of 10 years (mostly) standing and go for an appropriate rhyme – of course, ‘Rampant Rock Stitches’, it was perfect and covered the areas of textiles and papercrafts in one easy three word phrase. There was also the opportunity for a range of off-shoot enterprises in the future with ‘Rampant Rock Hitches’ (we have four weddings and a divorce between us, so who better to provide marriage advice?) or the more specialist area of Rampant Rock Fitches (for all your Ferret related needs)… Genius!

Buoyed with the enthusiasm of rampantosity, I headed off in search of advice from my business mentor and personal hero (who will remain nameless until she confirms that she is happy to be identified). She nodded enthusiastically and made copious notes as I told her of my dreams and ambitions for my fledgling business and then stopped in her tracks when I proudly announced that I would be naming my baby ‘Rampant Rock Stitches’… After the initial shock, a deep breath was taken and it was pointed out to me in no uncertain terms that people searching for beautiful papercuts, wedding stationery and quilts would not naturally associate these items wikth the word ‘Rampant’ and quite frankly, typing the word ‘Rampant’ into Google (other search engines are available) would illicit a whole range of ‘adult entertainment’, none of which was carefully handcrafted by Miss Sarah Manton!

She then pointed out that if I was proud of the work I was producing, I should perhaps be proud enough to put my own name to it and so it came to pass that the business will be ‘Sarah Manton’. This will leave me room to diversify into a myriad of directions and would also allow me to develop my Rampant range of rock-based placemats, coasters and cd racks as one aspect of the business. I would also dearly love to create a link with Rampant Ink in Netherfield, but that’s a conversation yet to be instigated…

Anyway, Sarah Manton is an unusual enough name to be memorable. Upon ‘Googling’ I find that there are two other ‘major’ Sarah Mantons; one is an actress who starred as ‘Baby’ in a stage production of Dirty Dancing (woo!) and the other is a website designer trading under the name Sarah Manton Designs. With the domain name ‘’ sewn up by a nice man who bought it for his wife to use as an email address, I decided that I wasn’t Sarah Manton (actress) or Sarah Manton (website designer), I was THE Sarah Manton and I will be happy enough to point any potential clients in the most appropriate direction the the ‘other’ Sarah Mantons when they visit me at – I just need to create my website now!

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