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Guest Blog – Ups and Downs

More tea vicar?

I feel sure that all creative types go through flurries of activity when they are happily making things, coming up with revolutionary ideas and generally enjoying life, but then the reality of trying to make a living from your favourite activities will inevitably kick in and I’m feeling somewhat ‘kicked’ at the moment!

Other than a very pleasant few days spent with friends both in Nottingham and an incredibly sunny weekend of camping at Shell Island in Wales, I have been mostly meeting with the bank, talking through my options with an accountant, waiting for the nice lady to ring me and tell me that my studio is available and wrestling with the untold geekery of the internet – I am endeavouring to fire up! As a moderate control freak, being unable to move forward because a) I am waiting for someone else to do something or b) I don’t know which button to press or c) the broadband connection in our house is truly evil, means that I am now feeling very stressed and my head is pounding!

daisy cupcakes(1)

I know that at least some of these issues will be sorted within the next few days and I also have a raft of lovely media-savvy chums, most notably, web designer to the stars, one Adam Stewart, who will help me with my impending web presence, so in order to refuel my creative optimism, I am off to join my Nottingham Craft Mafia buddies down at The Hopkinson Gallery on Station Street this evening for tea, cake and exciting news!