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Guest Blog – Faith Restored!

Close Up of Papercut

Obviously, tea and cake will fix just about anything, but add to that an evening with lovely, crafty people and you have the perfect remedy for a dented mood!

The guys and gals down at The Hopkinson Gallery have developed a great facility for local artists and community groups with a dedicated tea shop frontage and gallery space downstairs (where we held the Craft Mafia meeting on Tuesday evening). It’s a lovely relaxed and quirky place to meet on comfy sofas, surrounded by all manner of ephemera! Upstairs is home to the busy studios of the inspired Vintage Reclaimed, the wonderous Spinsters Emporium and the gorgeousness of Julia Church’s pyrography work – lush!

It was good to get together and meet with the Mafiosa, both established and new and particularly to hear about everyone’s creative work, exciting news about new products and events and to share advice about the creative goings-on in the Nottingham area. It’s always inspiring to hear about people’s hopes and dreams and particularly, to witness their enthusiasm as they talk about their business or latest project. The Mafia Dons alighted to new exciting developments within the Nottingham Craft Mafia membership, which they will no doubt be sharing in full through their Facebook page in the very near future. It was also good to meet a diverse range of new chums in the form of Carrie’s Crafts, Holly’s Tutu, Sunflower Soft Furnishings, Rose Tinted Jewellery and Crocus Gallery… I know that we shall meet again, particularly as a good number of us will be based in the Designer Forum building on Lower Parliament Street (fingers crossed, I am due to get the keys to Studio J on Wednesday – eek!) and will partaking in the coffee, fine cuisine and wi-fi connection whilst networking around the corner at Antenna! … The future is bright (well, it’s quite bright in my studio, but dimly lit and ‘arty’ at Antenna)!

Butterflies, birds and flowers in heart

Joyful Heart

It was good to be seated, pencil (and then, scalpel) in hand on Wednesday and today – my cheery demeanour led to a heart filled with butterflies, flowers and a birdie… this one’s for you, friends!