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hello Nottingham

Hello Nottingham.
This is officially my last week in London. The MA final show will go up this week and it will be over. I’m looking forward to be fully back in Nottingham! I’m tiered of leading double life – 4 days in London and my friend’s couch and 3 days in Nottingham at home. You could do it, but it does your head a bit. Although sometimes I suspect that my brains get so used to be overstimulated over these 2 years, that it might be difficult for a while to lead a quiet life. we’ll see.

So what shall I blog about: The fall of the art education in the UK? the Royalness of the Royal College? the MA show beast? the nature of the MA in Arts? the future aspiration of Nottingham based artist? or Why Robin Good was wrong?
that’s all for now.
let me know.