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Special event blog – Tracey Jones

A striking wingback chair sits to one side of the Nottingham Trent University Textiles degree show. Covered with cream cotton sateen with a pattern of black and white sketches of flowers, letters, stamps and people, it combines elegance and personality. The backdrop of wallpaper explains more about the nostalgic principles that informed the design.

“These are all pictures of my family,” explains Tracey Jones, who designed and printed the fabric and wallpaper. “As a designer, my strengths lie in drawing, exploring a variety of media to create visually stimulating and diverse imagery. Inspired by memories of ‘times gone by’ I am heavily influenced by the concept of Nostalgia. It is this interest that has led me to my final project, encapsulating memories of my own family memorabilia to bring a personal element to my designs.”

The designs are a combination of sketches, heat transfer, collagraphs, screen and digital printing, manipulated using CAD. Tracey found a vintage wingback chair and worked with an upholsterer to ensure that the designs sat in the right place on it. The result is a perfect marriage of vintage design with a modern appeal, and is available for sale for £1,700. *empties piggybank*

“The design is in a neutral colour palette throughout, which I feel will appeal to a sophisticated high-end market. I want to start a business that incorporates people’s own memorabilia into bespoke items.”

Tracey is continuing to make more bespoke armchairs and can be contacted through her blog.