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Special Event Blog – Nadine Spencer

Nadine Spencer - NTU - detail

Nadine Spencer - NTU - detailIt’s the Nottingham Trent degree show for Decorative Arts. Turning a corner, a shining towering metropolis, glowing with light and promise, represents Nadine Spencer’s idea of  “A World of Yesterday’s Tomorrows”. Rising up above a mirror that helps illustrate the painstaking work that went into its creation, it is a fantastic utopia that sums up the dreams of a generation.

“I read books and watched movies about the old fashioned ideas of what the future would be like,” she explains. “The one that most influenced me was ‘Wasn’t the Future Wonderful’ by Tim Onosko. The ideas of how we would live were so bold and imaginative, full of hope, that I wanted to represent that in my work.”

“Illusion features in my work where I use printing and cutting techniques to change the appearance of the mountboard. An ostensibly grand city is in fact composed of 2D, cut-out components that are glued together. I experimented with light to ensure the city was dramatic and theatrical – this is a concept piece though there are obvious commercial opportunities with the smaller pieces of work.”

The result is a concept of which Fritz Lang would be proud.

Nadine is hoping to go into set design or theatre, where she can make her bold ideas a reality.

Nadine Spencer“There’s potentially visual merchandising and window display. One day, I would love the chance to create my work on a larger scale, for a window display at Selfridges or as huge pieces for a film set. I’d have to figure out completely different materials, different ways of cutting and constructing it, everything really. The idea of being presented with new design challenges really excites me.”

For more details of Nadine’s work, check out her website: