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Here’s to the myth of the artist!

Sat at the computer here with the instruction to write some blog posts about what it is you do can be pretty intimidating.  The idea of doing a sort of “day in the life of…” kind of thing seems pretty daft for an artist as, even though a lot of us will try and embellish the fact, the day of an artist revolves heavily around procrastination in various forms, including watching the news, looking at the various internet forums which are our only real contact with other artists, other people’s blogs, making tea and trying to work out what record to put on.  Occasionally if our clients are really lucky, we even draw some pictures.  Unfortunately for me this process is even cut by half as I still have a day job to contend with.

This isn’t meant as the other “woes of the artist” cliche but only to explain that what we do is actually pretty bloody boring.  The only reason people tend to think we have so much fun is because they only see us when we’re out and having fun as opposed to being sat in our dressing gowns staring at a blank pieces of paper trying to resist the urge to take a look at what those people with real lives are whittering about on Facebook.  We’re certainly not magicians and the only reason we’re seen to be having any fun is because we’re seen when we’re away from that piece of blank paper that’s been staring back at us for six hours and really excited to be around actual people.

Anyway, check back occasionally this week as I’ll be rambling on further about the various nonsense I fill my head with and showing some more insightful photos of my workspace and meandering doodles.  With the next few posts I’d like people to use the comments section to ask me any questions they might have about my process and whatever else might have piqued their interest.

Hopefully this will all start to make sense….