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Links round up: news from legitimate sources

Image Credits: F.A.T Lab: 	Brendan Oliver & Brendan Randall

Image Credits: F.A.T Lab: Brendan Oliver & Brendan Randall

Many thanks to those of you on Twitter this week who provided me with details of events for this links round up – see, there’s no need for nefarious spying techniques when you have Twitter. Oh dear that sounds like product placement doesn’t it? Let’s move on – this week’s round up brings digital glories, music, light shows and cake. What more could you ask for?

First up today! Eeek! Drop everything and get to Broadway for Making Future Work. What is it? I hear you say? Well:

The fusion of digital technologies, art and design has given birth to pioneering new approaches to creation that are playful, disruptive, functional and responsive. It has also enabled collaborative projects to be conceived and developed remotely across vast distances.

Chaired by Regine Debatty, founder of the award winning blog, Making Future Collaboration (our final event) includes presentations from our commissioned artists alongside Evan Roth and Aram Bartholl from F.A.T Lab (The Free Art and Technology Lab), a Brooklyn-based open source technology collective dedicated to enriching the public domain through the research and development of creative technologies and media.

Starts at 11am so get down there quick! Details on this here website.

Next week, as part of the NotLost festival, the gloriously named Spanky van Dykes will be hosting a music-art collaboration called ‘On an Island.’ A series of local bands will be performing their own interpretation of the title accompanied by projections and a light show in what sounds like a fusion of Jean Michel-Jarre, Hemingway and the BBC Introdcuing stage. Of course it could just be one big rave up. Either way, it’s on Thursday 14th July, tickets are a bargain £3 and more details can be found on their Facebook page.

Finally, this is one of the more tenuous links we’ve put up but what the hey, I’m feeling generous. Just outside Nottingham, the village of Keyworth is holding its annual village fair on Saturday. All funds raised go to help fund local facilities and, while this clearly isn’t usually our type of thing, we just about get away with it by appealing to all you highbrow south-of-the-river types. The West Bridgford Opera will be there. I’m not sure if they’re singing but I’ve been assured that they are selling cakes. (Incidentally, Googling to find an opera that featured cakes it turns out that there is an Opera cake, invented in Paris in 1903. Here’s a recipe. But I still don’t know about the opera.) So there you go, 11-5 on the Keyworth Playing Fields.

That’s it, everyone! Enjoy your weekend