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GameCity 2011

Photo: Aaron Lee

If you’ve not heard of GameCity, Nottingham’s annual celebration of digital gaming, then welcome! Every October Nottingham turns into a giant playground for adults and children, industry professionals and curious bystanders alike.  The festival has been running since 2004, and in that time has grown to become the world’s premier family-friendly gaming fest. Encompassing venues across the city as well as (in recent years) the most amazing tent you’ve ever seen, each year director Iain Simons and his band of organiser-elves create something bigger and better. From Sonic’s birthday party, through wall sized projectors hosting 45-person multiplayer games, to incredible artistic and moving events under the Council House dome. Well, last Thursday the headliners were announced for this year’s festival, and it’s looking pretty good:

Eric Chahi

Creator of classic game, Another World, Eric will be taking over the festival for one whole day.

We’ll be handing over the keys to the festival for the entire first day, resulting in a wonderful medley of Chahi-focused events; there’ll be a Director’s Commentary of Another World, a behind the scenes look at From Dust, a rotoscope workshop and a presentation on the volcanology studies that helped shape From Dust.

Richard Lemarchand

Director of the chart-topping Playstation series Uncharted will be on hand for the whole week, featuring in a number of events, including leading fans through the whole Uncharted series in a one-off Creator’s Commentary.


If you were lucky enough to be in attendance of their last GameCity event, you’d agree it was pretty special. If not, this is what you missed:

So far, no event has come close to the emotional outpouring resulting from GameCitySquared’s performative playthrough of Flower. Creating a large scale projection beneath the dome of Nottingham’s Council House, audience members were showered with real petals as the mesmerising visuals and hypnotic soundscape left everyone in a state of pure bliss.

This year, Producer Robin Hunicke will present a late night, large scale projection of Journey, thatgamecompany’s follow up to flow and Flower. This looks set to be our most visually stunning event ever. Do not miss it.

Amanita Design

Amanita Design founder Jakub Dvorský will be on hand to unveil the upcoming and highly anticipated Botanicula and Samorost 3 which we were very privileged to get the World’s first look at during a previous GameCityNights event. We are really excited to be hosting the UK premiere of Two-time Academy Award Winner Jan Svěrák’s enchanting new film, Kooky, on which Jakub was lead designer. Using puppetry and live action, Kooky is both an inventive, thrilling family adventure and a celebration of the childhood imagination.

Ian Livingstone

Ian is one of the co-founders of Games Workshop, the Nottingham-based international giant of tabletop gaming. He will be penning an entirely new work of fiction for the brand-new GameCity magazine, of which not a lot else is known at this stage…

We’ll definitely cover other announcements as they crop up, but for now, pencil into your diary the week of 25th-29th October. It’s going to be a lot of fun…