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Introducing our new Guest Blogger – Gemma Cameron

June and July 010

A very warm welcome to Gemma Cameron who will be blogging with us for the next two weeks. I’ve known Gemma for many years, she was one of my very first art clients back in the early 2000’s back when she lived ‘up north’
working at a defence company in Lancashire as a software engineer. By a weird twist of fate we were finally brought together face to face when she moved to Nottingham in Feb 2010 to work for @Esendex. And what an impact she has made on Nottingham in such a short space of time!

With Barcamp Blackpool under her belt she now organises ; Barcamp Nottingham, GeekUp Nottingham and Nottingham Girl Geek Dinners (co organiser) and has baffled the whole of the Arboretum by walking Ruby and Perl her pet ferrets around the streets. She is also a big part of the Roller Derby craze and plays for Nottingham Roller Girls as “Ruby on Rails – 404″.

I asked Gemma 10 questions about herself to get to know her a little bit better –

Who are you?
Gemma Cameron, Software Developer at Esendex, Based in The Atrium on Wollaton Street.

What brought you to Nottingham?
I found an awesome job at Esendex. I’d never even visited Nottingham until my interview back in December 2010. I loved the company and the place so much I decided to emigrate down from the hallowed soil of Lancashire.

What keeps you in Nottingham?
My job (I get paid to do something I love), Nottingham Roller Girls Roller Derby Team, the Nottingham creative and Digital scene, the fantastic nightlife and shopping.

What makes you different to other creative people in Nottingham?
I’m a girl geek who loves organising and promoting digital events whilst balancing looking after my two ferrets and being a part of the Nottingham Roller Girls both as a skater and a trainer.
I’m a software engineer with an emphasis on testing and behaviour, constantly striving to improve and hungry to learn new things. I organise GeekUp Nottingham (a monthly meetup for software devs and tester types with fantastic speakers), Barcamp Nottingham (unorganised conference) and co-organise Nottingham Girl Geek Dinners with Kate Blatherwick @kblathers.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I’m struggling to answer this question. I like to go with the flow and see where life takes me. It’s worked well so far and got me where I am today. I don’t look too far into the future.

What do you wish you had more time for?
Writing code in my spare time, outdoor skating and being at home on my sofa!

What keeps you awake at night?
This is a hard one. Not much as I’m usually so busy I’m glad to get to bed.

What do you think is Nottingham’s best kept secret?
Antenna and the Nottingham Hackspace. Two fantastic and unique venues with a whole lot more to offer.

What would you like to see more of in Nottingham?
More people getting involved in the digital community!

What Big thing are you currently working on?
Barcamp Nottingham (23rd-24th July) and Nottingham Roller Girls’ first bout (17th September). I’ll be blogging LOTS about these. ( :

You can see more about Gemma at (@ruby_gem)