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Hidden Treasure

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Bar Camp Nottingham logoWhat a great weekend: sunshine, Splendour at Wollaton Park, and Bar Camp Nottingham at the Hackspace. The 30 hour un-conference, #bcnott, covered a wide range of topics, sharing of ideas and skills, games (werewolf a speciality), and creative networking. The description of a Bar Camp, by last week’s guest blogger was more than fulfilled.

Already there are blogs and summaries appearing, the TagWalk from Tim Hastings is a good source of further links, Hackspace posted to their Flickr account, and Kian Ryan and Joseph Swan overcame the urge to sleep on Sunday afternoon and posted their accounts instead.

If you are on Twitter, the hashtag #bcnott will produce a good record of reactions, comments, and links. In case you aren’t here are some of my favourites:

proactivepaul (@proactivepaul)

the #bcnott logo made 3D on the RepRap 3D printer

stevelacey (@stevelacey)

moar printings, featuring logos, companion cubes, an iPhone dock and a whistle. #reprap

Gemma Cameron (@ruby_gem)

I tattooed an orange!

BarCamp Nottingham (@bcnott)

the barcamp balloon dog rescue centre

As a bonus, if you search the tweets on the #bcnott tag, you will find many gems (and not just that one). Two of Creative Nottingham’s team were there, did a presentation, were snapped by a visiting member of the paparazzi – can you find the result?