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Physical (Education) Theatre

Blink at Nottingham Arts Theatre

Blink at Nottingham Arts TheatreNottingham based playwright Simon Carter is currently receiving fab reviews for his comedy Phys Ed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The play, a one man show about a rugby-obsessed PE teacher feeling overshadowed by his England Rugby International brother, has been described as “well-crafted, compelling and magnificently delivered” by Edinburgh Three Weeks.

But worry not if you can’t make it to the Fringe this year (like me *sobs*) because the production will be going on tour once the festival is finished. Keep an eye on Simon Carter’s website; he’ll be adding tour dates as they’re confirmed. So far it’s confirmed for four dates throughout September and October – watch this space!

Simon Carter is a playwright, comedy sketch writer and former stand-up comedian. His latest play, Blink, is due to debut at Nottingham Arts Theatre in November. It centres round a man suffering from locked-in syndrome following an accident, who has lost his only means of communicating with others – blinking one of his eyes.

Nottingham Arts Theatre is holding auditions for the play on Sunday 4th September at 2pm. There are 4 parts up for grabs: 3 men and a woman. You can download the audition notice and scenes here (PDF format).  I’ve been looking to get involved in the theatre again since I moved over here, so I’ll most likely be going along.  Might see you there!

You can follow Nick Osmond, who is starring in Phys Ed on Twitter at @Phys_Ed2, where he’s Tweeting about his Edinburgh experiences. Simon Carter is also on Twitter as @carterbloke – though he hasn’t Tweeted much yet!!