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Saturday Night at the Movies…

Screen 22

Image from Screen 22

I moved to Nottingham last December, and in learning about the city and my search for awesome places to visit, I came across the Screen Room. A tiny cinema in Hockley, with only a few seats, it was one of the smallest cinemas in the world. I love films, and I heard great things about it, but in the kerfuffle of a new home, new job, an entire MONTH of snow (or so it felt at the time!) and then Christmas, I never managed to visit.

So I was very disappointed when it closed in January, and I still hadn’t gone.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the cinema is reopening. And very soon. It’s been refurbished, given a new name, Screen 22 (due to the number of seats), and is due to open its doors in early September.

It’ll be showing a mix of older and newer films, and you can submit requests for films that you’d like to see. And, of course, it can be hired out for special occasions. Just drop the team an email at and request the film of your choice. Or even the TV show, if you fancy a marathon!

My workmates and I are already planning our next social at Screen 22. Now all we need to do is decide on a film that we all want to watch…

Follow Screen 22 on Twitter here @Screen_22 and on Facebook.

Screen 22 was mentioned in the Nottingham Post yesterday!