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Tea, fuelling creatives the world over

Shameless name drop alert!

I have been searching around Nottingham for the perfect writing group. Having found several I found they were not quite what I was looking for, excellent though they all seem to be. I have particular needs – doing things for free and during the week are just two of them – so I decided that I’d have to start my own up to supplement the existing groups in Nottingham.

Where better to hold this new group than at Lee Rosy’s tea rooms on Broad Street? You’ll remember we featured Lee Rosy’s a few weeks ago and here at Creative Nottingham, we’re firm believers in the powers of tea and cake to help the flagging creative mind.

Here comes the name drop.

Lee Rosy’s has two literary associations for me – the first is that I tend to meet old Waterstone’s colleagues there for cake. The second is that during my days, running events for Waterstone’s, I sent the lovely Kazuo Ishiguro in to spend an hour supping tea and cake in Lee Rosy’s. He’s a very nice man and an excellent writer so hopefully this is the kind of celebrity endorsement everyone’s looking for.


I’ve never been to a writing group before – I just had an idea that I ought to get some feedback on my writing that wasn’t from my mum. I also think I need some kind of routine and a monthly kick up the backside.

The group is welcome for anyone to join and the details are:

Wednesday 7th September at 7pm, Lee Rosy’s tea room.

We have an optional homework challenge – to write an alphabet story. This is a 26-sentence story with each sentence starting with a consecutive letter of the alphabet. This one will start with ‘H’, end with ‘G’ and can contain no more than four proper nouns. It seemed like a good idea at the time – but I’m stuck on ‘U’.

For more details the group now has its own blog. Hopefully we’ll see some of you there!