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Links round up – art and craft birthday spectacular

Weekend plans anyone? I shall be dropping by the birthday celebrations of Knit Nottingham who are one year old! You’ll remember Eleanor from KN did some lovely guest blogs for us a couple of months back, (if you don’t remember, then go and check them out! Here’s a link to one…)(She won’t thank me for putting this picture up again…)

Happy birthday Knit Nottingham! Thanks for supplying us knitters with affordable yarn and useful knitting knowledge! (Which reminds me, I must ask you about Skeeting soon…) And if anyone else wants to join the party tomorrow then there’ll be games, cake, tea and sweets and all sorts of malarkey. From 11am, Knit Nottingham, Mansfield Road.

Has anyone noticed all my posts this week feature mentions of cake? Anyone would think I like eating it…

Still, moving on. What with it being September, it’ll soon be Christmas. I hate to be the first to mention it but luckily, I’m not. The chaps at Craft in the City will be running a craft spectacular at Waterstone’s Sillitoe room in the weekends leading up to Christmas and are looking for crafty types to exhibit. For more info get yourself to their webpage, download the application form and send it by by 9 September. Don’t forget to tell us if you’ll be there!

Speaking of submissions, if you can bear to think beyond Christmas to 2012, then you might like to have a look at the Harley Gallery as they are holding their first ever open exhibition. The entries must all be based on the theme of ‘H’ – they suggest something around hills, houseboats or half cross stitch but I’m sure we can do something better than that, hang on… How about haberdashery, hairy yaks and high jinks? Or hogs, hornpipes and hovels? Anyway, if you have some sensible suggestions then take a nip on over to their website for more details.