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Special feature blog: A word from our hosts!

The web is such an amazing medium. It provides a far reaching voice, allows communication between distant cultures, facilitates the worldwide spread of concepts and, importantly, enables the capacity to engender good on a global scale. Of course, we all know this and take it for granted nowadays but back in 2004 the internet and ethical business world was a much quieter place. This is when Make Hay was founded, it’s when myself and my partner decided to set up a business with a purpose. That purpose was, and still is, to support positive work through beautiful, professional website development and responsible business.

Here at Make Hay we have an ethical policy which outlines the types of activities we will and won’t support through our services and aims to encourage other business owners to consider their role as a consumer. Similarly, our environmental policy helps us to communicate the measures we are taking to work in a greener way and plan further steps in the future. As well as implementing eco-friendly practices in the office we provide a green website hosting service run on wind power. The Creative Nottingham website is in fact powered by Green Hosting.

The Green Hosting arm of the company was added in 2005 when we were looking for further ways to reduce our impact on the environment. We started by powering our own websites with renewable energy and soon began to provide this to our web design clients too. Not long after, this wind powered hosting service was made available to non-design clients and has since been a popular choice for companies looking to make their businesses greener.

This way of working is a large part of realising our personal values through the company but that isn’t all. We believe that a truly responsible business must provide high quality services and contribute to raising standards within our industry.

Being ethical isn’t just about running a socially responsible business. For us it is imperative that we provide an excellent service too. Using modern techniques and careful processes in our craft is what our clients deserve, especially because they have a positive message to spread. We build standards compliant websites and commit to long-term relationships with our customers because we genuinely want to be a part of what makes their organisation thrive and become more sustainable. That is the point of what we do and we love it!

To name a few, Make Hay has lasting partnerships with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, Climate East Midlands and Attenborough Nature Centre, providing both ongoing website development and hosting services to them.

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