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Guest Blog – User Centric Thinking

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Web design, content structure, social media, SEO…the digital world can often seem a daunting place. But regardless of technicalities and nuances, any journey to digital success must always begin with the end user.

Considering the target audience

As creative the majority of us will consider our target audience before we start any work. Knowing who were trying to appeal to is a key part of achieving that appeal. That generally means thinking about the demographic of the user – who are they, what is their gender, where do they work. Through top level research, we can create logical groupings and this will suffice as an audience visualisation.

Beyond logical groupings

Though logical groupings may give us the information we need, we must delve deeper into motivations and needs to really appeal to our audience. This means going one step further to considering what our audience is looking for and what they are trying to achieve. By understanding this we can better understand how we can appeal to those needs and what value we can add to our audience.

To the web…and beyond!

As a digital user experience agency, we apply this user centred thinking to all we do. From web design to content creation, site functionality, web development and marketing it all starts with the end user – and with great success!

But user centricity doesn’t just apply to digital. This emphasis on considering the end user is something which can benefit any business type, including the creative industry.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be sharing our insight into various digital and creative topics, all from a user centric point of view.

If you want to find out more about Zabisco, take a look at our blog.