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Links Round-Up: Street Art, Outdoor Art, Indoor Shenanigans

This has literally been my most stressful week for a good year, and we’re only just halfway through! Fear not, though, as it’s with manic energy and enthusiasm that I bring you these delicious morsels of news – personally I blame it on the moon, which is full at the moment and was LOOMING (lune-ing? Haha, I told you I was manic!) over Nottingham last night. If anyone got any good shots, sound off in the comments!

First up, RAW Collective, “Nottingham’s Premier Photographer’s Group“, have organised an Art on the Square event for this Sunday, 18th September. As you might guess, it’ll take place on Market Square, and it involves art, which you can buy, from the artists, in exchange for currency. And maybe kittens (NOT kittens, just cash, mew!)

They’ll be there 10am-4pm, which sounds like a good time slot, because they probably wouldn’t get much custom 10pm-4am. It’s probably illegal to trade on those hours on a Sunday anyway.

THERE’S MORE! If you like art, and you like the outdoors, you might like street art…? Ramblers all have their own graffiti tags, right? Anyway, maybe I’ve gotten that mixed up and those demographics don’t go together. Find out for yourself by heading to the Lace Market Gallery this week, where mr the beef, who is an excellent local artist, is holding his first solo exhibition, having won the Salon Des Refuses  competition. See the BBC coverage here.

FINALLY, Antenna are holding their first “Show Off” event next Monday 19th September. The clue’s in the name – various creatives will be showing off whatever they’re good at, so it should be a great chance to make contacts, network, and/or show off stuff yourself! Also check out the flyer here (warning: PDF link).

Right, once more unto the breach…