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Guest Blog – Making the Most of Social Media

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zabisco logo“Social Media”; it’s a term which is banded about quite often in today’s society. Twitter seems to make the headlines on a daily basis, and Facebook acts as a window into people’s lives. Quite often the image portrayed about social media is that it is far too invasive into one’s personal life and hasn’t quite grasped the concept of “privacy”.

Whether we like it or not, social media is here to stay. And the power that comes a lot with it. You only have to look back to the August London Riots to get a sense of how powerful sites like Twitter and Facebook can be. Youngsters took to their laptops organising riots and meet ups giving the campaign an awful platform to be launched from. Social media is a revolution, and revolutions need to be harnessed and transferred into something positive.

However social media isn’t all doom and gloom. The Twitter “riot clean up” initiative highlighted that there is a lot more good than bad to come out of social media. It has the power to inspire people and capture the imaginations of thousands of people who would otherwise never walk into your life.

If used correctly, businesses can manipulate certain aspects of sites like Twitter and Facebook to enhance consumer awareness and attract a whole new generation of clients.

It’s all about networking.

Local businesses in particular can benefit using Facebook and twitter for business. However it’s vital that this is done correctly as a poor online reputation can discourage potential clients and harm future transactions. Here at Zabisco we come into contact with numerous clients who are keen to boost their online reputation, and social media marketing is often the best way in which to go about it. It’s easy, beneficial if done right, and sites like Twitter and Facebook are free.

Before considering using social media for business, be sure that your target audience is in fact active via such sites as Facebook, otherwise your message will go unheard. You have to tailor your marketing campaign for your target; do some research before jumping in. Facebook is a priceless tool which gives you an insight as to what your consumers want, so listen to them and act upon it indirectly.

Find our step by step guide to using Facebook for Business here.

Happy Networking!