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Guest Blog – The Power of Motion Graphics

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zabisco logoInfographics are becoming more popular by the day. And soon its safe to say soon you will find them pretty much everywhere…

Inforgraphics form a big part of our graphic design portfolio here at Zabisco. They are a prime example of a medium that transforms mundane statistical information into interactive, insightful design work in a creative and compact manner. Campaigns such as William Hill’s 2011/12 season appear to combine the best of both inforgraphic design elements and narrative motion graphics into a TV advert. In a recent motion project at Zabisco, I attempted to draw from the two mediums to create a single design entity; essentially, bringing an already successful ‘inforgraphic of infographic’ to life.

William Hill’s 2011/12 season mobile betting campaign

Whenever the latest William Hill advert flashes on my TV, I instantly stop and gape at the use of typography synchronising perfectly with audio to convey an insightful and witty message that ultimately tells us the William Hill is the home of betting. William Hill (or the agency that create their motion adverts) are clever in the way they portray their betting features and offers. If a man appeared on screen and began to walk towards to the camera at a perfect 45 degree angle like in an injury claim advert, and told us why we should bet with William Hill, our natural reaction would be to defy and take an instant disliking to him. Why should we obey and do as this strange man says? I don’t even care for his tone of voice or hair style or the way his hands move when he walks, so I’m certainly not going to take his betting advice on board. William Hill’s 2011/12 season campaign caught my eye by using vivid colour palettes, well known feel-good music, powerful typography and visual metaphors that enticed me to watch on.

The music and the typography alone is enough to deliver the narrative message with great effect, without the need for a voice over to reiterate the information. Thus is the power of motion graphics. If the same information was written in a personal letter direct to every William Hill customer, the same messages in a different format would have nowhere near the impact of an interactive medium.

The message here? It’s not always just the message, it’s the messenger.

Written By Jon Ward at Zabisco. Edited by Fran McVeigh