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Special Event Blog – Showing Off

bees in a hive
bees in a hive

Hive Don't Mind, by Orin Zebest,

Today Antenna provided a platform for local business, particularly creative ones, of all sizes, as a Show Off! When I dropped in at lunch time the place was certainly buzzing, and almost as crowded as this not-a-newsphoto suggests. My trip around, upstairs, and in Reception did not cover every group in the published programme, but I enjoyed conversations with:


Emily Lappin, EM Media, long time part of the film infrastructure in Nottingham. Their website is always worth a regular read, for opportunities, training, and news. For example at present they are accepting applications for “CAP East” funding for skills and training activity. Our conversation was in the Antenna boardroom, converted to a cinema with sofas, for the watching of some of their short films. This could have been my afternoon sorted, but duty called.

Andrew Clarke, Black Hawk Productions and Anne Whiteley, Bottletop, treated me to good summaries of their different media niches, thanks to both. If you are attend the Antenna restaurant you will probably have noticed the Bottletop animations playing on the screens.

Mary Kearns, of Spool Films, part of the same group as Antenna, explained how they offer a full range of services, from post production to everything needed for a film.  Her full range of services included sweets and cups of popcorn, and a joint venture with Emily upstairs would have seen a  serious joined up screening experience.

Stickies on a wall

Graphic Realisation

The Live Scribes were demonstrating a number of their specialist and unusual approaches to “unconferencing and gamestorming”. At lunch they were encouraging people to take a coloured stickie, draw a picture of oneself (#fail), with one’s name, and then put it onto their evolving tree of connections on the wall, drawing an labeling some links to other stickies already there. I am the pink/purple one the bottom right in this not very good amateur photo. The couple next to me were cheating by drawing a line connecting themselves, bless.


Susi Henson, Eternal Spirits (“Nottingham’s Corsetiere to the stars”) was not quite the fashion range for me, so I passed by, thinking only of her great guest blogs for us and not the items on display or being modeled.

Not far away was Pippa Rees, of Stick & Ribbon, who would have given me adice on personal styling and take me shopping to put it into effect. She earned full marks by not advising me to shave my iconic feature (just think of all the logons and email changes that would entail).

Advice and Consultancy

Several people run operations, like Stick & Ribbon, where professional advice and help is the essence of the offering. With the pressure of time, I had to walk by most of these tables (didn’t see one on time management) but I did speak briefly to Sarah Dale, coach and local author of Keeping Your Spirits Up. She said that real (dead tree) instances of her book were selling better than the electronic version, which is interesting and puts me either in the minority, or, as I like to think, the leading edge.


And for those into dead tree printing in an artistic way, Lucy Savory of GF Smith Paper invited me to smell and stroke some rather fine and unusual papers. Michelle Darkin-Price had the simplest display: herself, some sweets and business cards for her business of Administrative Support. Across the room the Welbeck Project was represented (another great guest blogger from last year), Game City (also guest bloggers) and Sally Hodgson was available to talk about crowdsourcing film finance from her experience, neatly finishing this posting with a tie back to Film which is clearly one of Nottingham’s strengths.