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sign for town of Caribou Minnesota
sign for town of Caribou Minnesota

Caribou, Minnesota, a town unlikely to be visited by Annie's van, by Andrew Filer,

Annie Atkinson has taken the concept of a temporary exhibition one stage further. Hers is “permanent” but in a vehicle which moves. From time to time.

Annie has recently opened up a shop called Caribou inside a small vintage caravan, said vehicle currently in Hopkinson’s Gallery on Station Street. Yes, I mean INSIDE (did you think I meant on the street?  have you tried to park on Station Street recently?).

As she wrote in her email:

The idea of the shop is that it is able to travel around the country and pop-up in places that normally you’d not be able to buy art, and handmade items, and in doing so spreads word of artists work and help to build their reputation. It sells fanzines sent in from people from all over the world, art books, handmade jewellery, vintage restored pieces, re-vamped ceramics and handmade books.

Hopkinson’s Gallery is well worth a visit in its own right (although their website is a bit out of date). The doors are open Monday to Saturday 9-5. Caribou will remain in Hopkinson’s Gallery for the time being. Annie’s website shows a variety of her stock – one interior view of the caravan is below.

Get a moose on down to Station Street.

inside view of the Caribou Gallery