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Previous Sellers at Curiosity Haus Contemporary Craft and Design Fair: Stitches and Stars, Lucie Pockets, Owl Loves Panda, Penelope Ruth, Jessica Hayes Gill, Ruth Singer, Lesley Nason

I thought I would start my guest blogging experience with a little bit more about the projects I am working on and Craft in Nottingham.  However, you will be pleased to hear that over the next week I am going to talk less about myself and more about the wider world of Contemporary Craft, including a review of Origin Craft Fair in London, and hopefully a little insight into why Contemporary Craft practice is a just as thought provoking as it is beautiful!

Nottingham might be noted in the region for it’s great high street shopping, but dig a little deeper and you may be surprised to find an an even more impressive shopping experience from the city’s highly rated creative community.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with many of these creatives over the past few years of running Craft and Design Fairs in the city.  Forget your traditional church hall Craft Fairs, these contemporary crafters and designers make the highest quality, unique products which should far over shadow the goods to be found regularly on the high street.  Dismiss those preconceptions of Granny’s pastel drawings (sorry granny!) and crocheted loo roll covers, the craft and design fairs I’m talking about give customers the chance to find intelligence, skill, beauty, and quirky designed products, all rolled into one!

Previous Sellers: Ultra Horse Zines, Steve Booton Ceramics, Katie Stainer Contemporary papercrafts, Loree Bologna, Alys Power, Alison Peacock Leather Artist, Julia Church Pyrography Jewellery, Ruth Singer

Through Curiosity Haus I organise regular events throughout the year. It has become, what may be best described as, a ‘roving’ market over the past year, having held craft fairs all over Nottingham.  In October Curiosity Haus will be working with Bunkers Hill in Hockley to hold an Indie Market.  This first event for the winter season will coincide with the pub’s very own Beer Festival held on Saturday 29th October.  There will be live acoustic sets in association with Notts about Music, an array of real ales, treats for customers and most importantly, a host of handmade wares from local designer makers, vintage clothes, accessories and homewares as well as tasty cakes! We are pleased to have the Oxfam Boutique selling top quality vintage pieces, with all their proceeds going to oxfam’s current projects.

Once you dig a little deeper, Nottingham has many creative events to be found.  If you read my intoduction interview, you may have heard mention of Craft Map.  It is a new group on facebook specifically for designers and craftspeople.

Join to share your crafty projects and creative happenings with other like minded creatives.   I have set up Craft Map as an area for people to shout about and map out all the amazing creative, design and craft based events and business.

With so many new exciting events coming up, it is a good way to keep track of the multitude of creative things going on just below the radar.  So please feel free to make use of this group as a platform to tell lots of other creative folk your news; get posting!

Help spread the word and bring the creative underground to the surface!

Above: Curiosity haus Contemporary Craft and Design Fairs, L-R: Sneinton Market- Dec 2010; Delightfully Delectable- Orange Tree, May 2011; Hello Sunshine- Orange Tree May 2011; Night Owl- Sneinton Market Dec 2011.

Written by Guest Blogger, Laura Morgan of Curiosity Haus: A house for Contemporary Craft and Design. Curiosity Haus has an ‘online craft fair‘ and runs regular indie-markets in Nottingham, showcasing and promoting independent designers and quality handmade goods. You can follow Curiosity Haus on facebook or twitter.