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Poetry, angry young men and all that


It’s National Poetry Day on 6 October and this year the theme is games. It may be my lack of imagination or lack of poetical skill but I can’t think of a short verse about games. But if you’re like me and games don’t take your fancy you’re in luck! You could write a poem about Nottingham’s literary powerhouse, Alan Sillitoe. No actually, that sounds harder…

Earlier this year the Alan Sillitoe statue fund ran a competition asking for short stories on the theme of “‘What would Arthur Seaton be like today?’ (Arthur Seaton, for those of you who don’t fancy a good book, is the anti-hero of Saturday Night, Sunday Morning’) The results were announced at the Lowdham book festival in June and can be found on the Sillitoe fund’s website.

Now, the fund has opened up a poetry competition in a bid to raise more funds for a statue recognising Sillitoe’s contribution to the British literary landscape.

Full competition details can be found at the fund’s website but you’ve got a bit of time to craft entries – the closing date is 10 January 2012.