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Introducing our new Guest Blogger – Sali Jones Make Up Artist


A warm welcome to Sali who will be joining us over the next few weeks as guest blogger, we asked Sali 10 questions to get to know her a little bit better.

Who are you?
I’m Sali Jones, I’m a freelance make-up artist from Wales living in Nottingham, going by the name of Ms Moo Make Up. I’m also one half of Flashes and Lashes, a make-over team producing high quality pin-up and vintage photoshoots for all. I’m also a stepmum to a little boy of 6, and complaint handler for a well known energy provider based in the city… busy is not the word!

What brought you to Nottingham?
I moved here in 2006 to get away from my hometown and get some life experience (read ‘I fell for a boy but it didn’t work out’) and couldn’t be happier to still be here. My home town didn’t have much going for it, and after a taste of life at university in Coventry (too much of a taste of life, in came in pints and distracted me from seminars!) I needed to get away from home again. So I saved, and moved in March 2006!

What keeps you in Nottingham?
Bloody lovely people; mostly my wonderful little family and secondly, my super awesome business partner, Emma aka Miss Rain. I made her move to Nottingham from Newcastle a few years ago so it’d be rude to leave her now! It’s also full of really lovely people, and central to everyone else in the UK. Got to love the Midlands!

What makes you different to other creative people in Nottingham?
It’s hard to miss that there’s a lot of creativity in Nottingham, especially in my areas of modelling and photography, but I believe I’m one of the only established make-up artists on the alternative scene in the area. I’ve done a lot of fashion and beauty work, working with some fab local talent and further afield, as well as recently taking on more bridal work too. We’ve also now got Flashes and Lashes, giving the personal touch that a lot of the makeover photostudios in Nottingham and the surrounding areas lack.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Running Flashes and Lashes full time with Emma would be pretty special for me, and having gone and attended a full time make-up course at a specialist creative school in London. I also want to take on more bridal work, but keep my hand in fashion and beauty make-up. Basically, everything that I’m doing right now but full time!

What do you wish you had more time for?

Lisa by Flashes and Lashes - Make Up by Sali Jones Photo by Miss Rain

Watching football and being by the sea – I’m usually at shoots/weddings on Saturdays so I don’t get to watch Sky Sports News and my chap doesn’t like football so I don’t always get to catch up with Match of the Day either! I also really love the seaside, and being by water. Kind of shot myself in the foot moving to somewhere called ‘The Midlands’ but until I can retire and live by the sea, Attenborough Nature Reserve will have to do for now.

What keeps you awake at night?
Very little! I can sleep anywhere and everywhere, and will do given any opportunity or not fed energy drinks/tea at regular intervals.  No, really; I love my sleep!

What do you think is Nottingham’s best kept secret?
Flashes and Lashes; we’re going to sweep you off your feet! *wink* That and the pockets of hard working alternative groups and individuals; it’s encouraging and inspiring to see so many people working so hard for what they want, helping others out along the way and looking after each other. That’s valuable beyond measure.

What would you like to see more of in Nottingham?

More nights out! When I moved here, there were nights near enough every night of the week (Nightmare, Assault, Obsession, Magenta, Damage, Kryogenics etc) and even though I couldn’t keep up with going out each night, it’d be lovely to have more than one offer of a club night at the weekend. I also want to do some more touristy things in Nottingham; I’ve still not been to the Castle, having lived here 5 years. Sad.

What Big thing (project or event) are you currently working on?
Super massive promotion for Flashes and Lashes! We’ve literally just (as from 1 November!) took on a city centre studio in Hockley, with our great friend Toby Kennedy. So we’ll be working hard in there, and we’ve our studio open days on 19th and 20th (which I’ll be blogging about too!) and we’re looking to do some more around the country in 2012 when we’ve worked out the logistics of getting us there. Anyone wanting to come to us in the mean time is more than welcome though, we’ll get the kettle on and the cupcakes out!

You can find out more about Sali and Flashes and Lashes at :-


Facebook: Ms Moo Make Up on Facebook

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