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Guest Blog – Flashes and Lashes first open day


The Flashes and Lashes open day was dreamt up not so long ago, by us wanting to give girls a taster/teaser of what we can do. We’d also decided we were going to look at taking on a studio as our base instead of working from home, so on 1 November 2011 we took on our new little home in Hockley on Western Street. Our great friend and drinking buddy, Toby Kennedy was already in there and (obviously) fancied having some (female) company, so now we’re roomies! We might have prettied up the place too; when Gem saw these photos she gasped and shouted ‘I’m naked on the wall!’ 😀

Emma is pretty handy with hairstyling but we needed specialists in for the open day, and called upon our friends Heebie Gee Bees, from Newcastle. Having been long time friends of Emma’s and super talented and enthusiastic ladies, we couldn’t wait to have them on board with us for the day. What’s even better is that as both of them have vast knowledge and experience of modelling and performing, they could also bring their skills to the dressing table in regards to styling, posing and general confidence. All round win, I’d say!

We also brought in Aislinn from BooBooKitty Couture,. She set herself up a rail of gorgeous dresses, her dolly Doris and brought her sewing along to make some last minute bits and pieces for a craft fair later in the evening; she really never stops working!

We had some early starts and late nights (including a craft fare/Speedkings gig to attend on Saturday night!), some tears from girls who couldn’t believe their makeovers, cuddles, lots of high fives, energy drinks, cookies, snuggies on radiators, cupcakes from Amy (hell yeah!), endless cups of tea (Hannah is brilliant), goodie bags, ratties, girls celebrating birthdays and divorces, and some that just wanted to feel good about themselves! Here’s a little selection of the behind the scenes photos we gathered.

So to a few thank yous; BooBooKitty Couture, Heebie Gee Bees, Toby Kennedy, Make Up Academy, Arcanum Accessories, Synergy Therapies, Rampant Ink, Deadly is the Female, Rockalily, Hoocie Coochie Club, Miss Fortune and Snitches Get Stitches!

Days like that are a precious rarity to me; when you’re going flat out but smiling and laughing the whole while, each person bringing their own special technique, style and brilliance to the table. Your back might ache, your shoulder might be creaking and your feet’ll be on fire but nothing compares to the smile (and sometime, tears!) of a girl who beams from ear to ear when they see themselves made up. It’s my dream to do this full time, and weekends like this motivate me to work harder to make it real…