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Links Round-up: Space, Space, Space (and apples)

europe from spaace
europe from spaace

Sneinton Square from a distance (Sunset from space over western Europe/Africa by Nick Stenning

If you walk from the centre of Nottingham to Hackspace, which you may have done after our recent guest blogs, you will have had to circumnavigate the physical space that is the building site that is Sneinton Square and the about to be revamped Market. To market the opening, a series of apple trees are being planted in the Square, and there are a number of events around the Orchard theme to mark this. Including some cider drinking. There are two days of multiple events, Friday, 9 December at Nottingham Contemporary and at Surface Gallery, and Saturday, 10 December in the Market itself.

Big Money, Big Organisation, Big Space: The Arts Council and the BBC are going to work in partnership next year to create an “experimental digital arts media service and commissioning programme”. Public in May, running (subtle Olympic reference) until the end of October, they say it will be a

pop up service – which will be available across PC, mobile, tablet and connected TV – will challenge artists and arts and cultural organisations to collaborate with each other and with partners to capture and create a wealth of cultural experiences, drawing on the richness of the summer of arts [of the Olympics, natch]

The main site and links are here. They say that they welcome expressions of interest (by 9 December) in how to spend £2.5 million, and they will offer mentoring to successful applicants. Unfortunately being big and corporate, they want applicants to be at least small and corporate, they say

The fund is open to arts and cultural organisations, large and small. Museums and libraries can also apply for work that is primarily arts focused. Artists can apply but must do so in partnership with a lead organisation. We welcome partnerships and collaborations between arts organisations and independent production companies or digital media specialists, but in these cases, the arts organisation must also be the lead partner.

So if that describes you, or you have a relationship with an arts organisation, full details are on the funding page.

From big space to perfectly formed small space: the Surface Gallery will be doing an International Postcard Show again in 2012. It costs £5 for you to enter up to three postcards, and all postcards in the show will be on offer at £15 (and they will want a 20% commission on sales).  Deadline for submissions is 15 January, and they warn you to take account of postal delays (groan).