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Special Feature Blog: Nottingham deserves it, please help us get it

speed limit sign - 14.5
speed limit sign - 14.5

What Happens if we Lose: Speed Limit by Richard Masoner/Cyclelicious,

In the “Give Away” section of the Autumn Statement late last November, the Chancellor announced that £100m would be available to create 100Mbps urban networks in 10 cities. The four “capital” cities (London, Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh) are automatically on the list. Although presumably Edinburgh’s position is not as secure as it was. As the current and previous governments like to do, they are running a competition for the other six places. There is background information on Digitalspy and the BBC News site.

We are lucky that Adam Bird, of Esendex and Creative Class 2011 is involved in Nottingham’s bid. A bid which has to be in by 13 February since the winners will be announced in the budget just over a month later.

Adam has asked for help in convincing Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary, that Nottingham should be fill one of the six empty places on the list. In particular Adam has asked:

1. [for] Your horror stories about getting decent Internet connectivity to allow you to run your business. How is current market failing you?

2. How can we convince @Jeremy_Hunt that Nottingham should be a beneficiary of this program outside of the formal proposal process

Adam (@adambird) tweeted: “please @, DM or email me (adam dot bird at esendex dot com) with any case studies, thoughts, suggestions or offers of help”.  He has suggested the hashtag #supernottingham.

So over to you, Nottingham Creatives. Speed Thrills!

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