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We Are Augustines and the creative process


Last night, in a small room upstairs at the Rescue Room, 100 or so people were treated to a lively and dynamic performance by the American band, We Are Augustines. It was likely watching the Clash in 77. (not that I was there !!) The band released their first album last year, and have quickly risen to stardom, performing with Kaiser Chiefs, on Dermont O Leary’s show and the Letterman show in the States.

Anyway, although they are a talented 3 piece band making great waves in the music industry, they are one of the few bands who are quite happy to talk about the hard it is to be creative. If you work in the creative sector you will know it isn’t easy, long hours, creative blocks, periods of self doubt – these are all part of the process.  So, if you are interested in finding out more watch the interview below with Seattle photographer, Chase Jarvis.