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Artist Without a Movement: Edward Burra

Edward Burra Exhibition - Djanogly Art Gallery

Edward Burra Exhibition - Djanogly Art Gallery Hot on the heels of the LS Lowry exhibition at the Djanogly Gallery at Lakeside Arts Centre, comes an exhibition from another 20th century British artist, albeit a rather less well known one.

The exhibition, of the works of Edward Burra, opened on Saturday.

Burra was born in 1905 and, like Lowry, died in 1976. He suffered from acute arthritis throughout his life, but that did not stop him producing many large-scale watercolours. Although he was a member of the Surrealists in the 1930s, Burra managed, like Lowry, to remain outside most art movements.

While he spent most of his life in Rye, Sussex, Burra travelled widely during the 1930s, in Spain, the US, Mexico and France. When he could not travel, during World War II, he enjoyed success designing costumes and sets for ballet. His travels had a great influence on his work; he produced paintings of sailors in France, street scenes in Harlem, then later travelled Britain with his sister, painting massive watercolour landscapes.

In 1971, he was awarded the CBE, and in 1973, the Tate held a retrospective of his work. The exhibition at the Djanogly is part of the first major showing of Burra’s works in 25 years, and was originally seen at the Pallant House Gallery in Chichester.

Edward Burra can be seen at the Djanogly Art Gallery from 3rd March to 27 May 2012. On 20 March, the exhibition’s creator Simon Martin will be delivering a lecture on the artist, “The Dance of Death: Edward Burra’s Macabre & Surreal Images”, in the Djanogly Art Gallery Lecture Theatre. This has been rescheduled from 13 March.

For more info, and associated events visit the Pallant House Touring Exhibition at the Djanogly Art Gallery.