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Offload your Offspring this Easter

Depending on whether you’re a parent or not, a teacher or not, or a commuter or not, the Easter school break will usually be either a blessing or a curse – if you answered in the negative , then congratulations! You will have approximately two weeks of relative quiet; whilst if you answered affirmatively to the first option, commiserations! How will you find something to occupy the little terror(s)…?

Luckily, there are places that try to answer that question. The New Art Exchange in Hyson Green are holding daily workshops to teach sprogs of high school age new skills. Conveniently, that means that you can get them out of your hair for a few hours…


By now you’ve missed the 11-15 age group session, but if you have someone who is 16-19 and wants to learn how to VJ under the watchful eye of some of the industry’s best, this one’s for you. 2pm-5pm, FREE.

Tomorrow! (Tuesday 03/04)

Pixelated Power – a creative workshop by graphic artist Rashid Rana. This workshop is a chance to create colourful striking mosaic wall pieces, collage, decoupage and mirror image art. 11-15 yrs, 10am-1pm, 16-19 yrs, 2pm-5pm, FREE.

Wednesday! 04/04

If creative urges gravitate more towards physical self-expression, try this Language of Self Dance workshop. Designed to ignite a creative habit, this workshop is fantastic and fun for everyone. 11-15 yrs, 10am-1pm, 16-19 yrs, 2pm-5pm, FREE.

Next Week! Tuesday 10/04

A creative session designed to explore photography, sound, collage and discussion as a means of self-expression. 11-15 yrs, 10am-1pm, 16-19 yrs, 2pm-5pm, FREE.

Wednesday 11/04

In the final workshop, work with photographic artist Sian Stammers to recreate the world in 3d, using blur, colour and collage to create an inside out street sculpture using Rashid Rana’s exhibition as a starting point and source of inspiration. 11-15 yrs, 10am-1pm, 16-19 yrs, 2pm-5pm, FREE.

Plus, with other exhibitions and performances, if you’re a parent looking to lose the kids for a few hours you could definitely do worse than to head down to NAE this Easter break…