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Introducing our New Guest Blogger – Amir Bazrafshan


Creative Nottingham would like to give Amir a warm welcome who will be joining us for the next four weeks. To get to know him a little better, we’ve asked him eleven questions. Over to Amir…

Greetings and welcome to the first of my guest blogs on this excellent Creative Nottingham website. Over the next 4 weeks, I will be doing my utmost to communicate some of the things that I am most passionate about while desperately trying not to bore the pants off you folk who are good enough to read my drivel.

To commence, and in the interests of getting to know me, below is my first post.

1.            Who are you – Name, Business Name, Based in….

My name is Amir Bazrafshan. I am a filmmaker and currently Head of Production at indie distributors Crabtree Films and soon to be Director at my own business Apricot Creative Video.

2.            What brought you to Nottingham?

I was born here, so I’d have to say, my folks!

3.            What keeps you in Nottingham?

The city’s vibrancy and brilliant creative communities. There are lots of very talented people doing some excellent work here. It can be a very inspiring place to be based. My friends and family also play a small part in keeping me here!

4.            What makes you unique to other creative people in Nottingham? (eg:- What is your business specialism? Do you have any hidden talents?)

I have an interesting skillset, the individual components of which complement one another-filmmaking, marketing and business.

Apricot Creative Video, my new business, is essentially a great chance for me to do what I love the most – making videos – but this venture brings together all of my skills, in that we will make a video for a client (practically any business can benefit from a promo video, especially on their website) and we will help it get seen by as many people as possible by developing a bespoke digital strategy, which will draw on my marketing/distribution experience. Ultimately, I want my clients to get as much from their videos as possible. It’s a really exciting prospect to be able to combine elements of work that I am most passionate about.

5.            Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? (future business & creative plans)

With a little luck I will be directing feature films as well as exciting commercial work via my business.

6.            What do you wish you had more time for?

Reading! I really miss reading and about 60% of the books I own, I’m yet to delve into L

7.            What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?

Watching Man vs Food – proper car crash TV (or perhaps that should be carb crash TV!?).

8.            What, in your eyes, breeds creativity?

An open mind, persistence and a sense of fearlessness: An open mind will keep you primed for various possibilities and avenues that may not be immediately obvious. Persistence is crucial because making a breakthrough to that key idea hardly ever comes easy, you have to keep digging until you reach what you believe to be out there. As for fearlessness; if you are without fear, no matter how far out, weird or inconspicuous that initial spark of an idea might be, you will have what it takes to develop it, often into uncharted waters and help it evolve into something really special. Whether these qualities are a part of a collaboration or on one’s own, to me, they are essential for creativity.

9.            Where in Nottingham have you found to relax and unwind?

As a film lover, at the top of the list is the Broadway Cinema. It’s a wonderful place to watch a film, get a bite to eat or just chill out with friends and a drink. Lee Rosy’s (across the road from Broadway) is a really cosy independent tea room. Their teas and coffees are excellent and if you have a sweet tooth (like me!) I am sure they will have a cake to satisfy your needs (the lemon meringue is a particular favourite). Other than these, I am a big fan of my sofa and can often be found unwinding with my feet up at the end of a long day.

10.          What would you like to see more of in Nottingham?

Although we have the brilliant Bang! Short Film Festival and Mayhem Horror Film Festival, I’d love another film festival – not unlike the 24 Hour Film Challenge that BritFilms TV ran so successfully a couple of years ago. There was always a real buzz around the city when that event took place and it would be wonderful to get something like that going again. It was such a blast and a great opportunity to find new talent as well as network with like-minded people.

11.          What big thing (project or event) are you currently working on?

Currently I am writing a feature film that should (fingers crossed) go into production in late summer. I’m putting the final touches to a short film I directed a couple of months ago and I’m prepping the launch of my new business, Apricot Creative Video.

So, yes, I have lots on at the moment, but I’m not complaining one iota, it’s a very exciting time!


You can find out more about Amir at: 

twitter: @amir_hb