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The Hoodies are coming… Guest post from Lucy Goudie


What if those with powers of justice were guilty of abusing them?

What if the people we feared were those keeping us safe?

What if there was no fairytale ending?

What if we were all meant to be outlaws?

With the memory of last summer’s devastating riots still fresh in the nation’s collective consciousness, along with an increasing presence of and unease about ‘hoodies’ in newspapers, on television and over the internet, wouldn’t it be amazing to discover that those we might have branded local thugs were actually keeping us safe from the real dangers? Born from this idea was the fictional group known as ‘The Hoodies’ – modern-day outlaws echoing from the time of the Robin Hood legend.

Get ready to meet Police Constable Rob Loxley; an ex-soldier currently working for Nottingham Police Service. The outlaw of the digital age maintains the essence of Nottingham’s famous sharp-shooter, but has a much darker side than the traditional legend. Out goes the archery, in comes pistol shooting; out went the tights and in came the tattoos. And who better to join the band of Merry Men than someone else famous for wearing a hood and being mysterious..? She’s certainly not little, but she still wears red and now rides a motorcycle. Little Red Riding Hood grew up and turned bad in her incarnation as Scarlett Riding – a reforming drug runner helped out of her life of gang culture and crime by Rob Loxley in the first short story…

Right on cue, blue lights came on in the windows of the black, unmarked police car.

‘Run,’ she thought. ‘He’ll never catch you now you’re on the bike,’ but the thought evaporated. ‘Maybe I wanted to get caught,’ she thought, slowing to pull in behind the car. Her phone, laden with threatening messages suddenly felt extremely heavy in her leather jacket pocket. ‘Perhaps getting locked up is the one place they won’t be able to get me…’

The road split off into a bus lane and she drove into it, ignoring the Highway Code. She turned the key to shut off the cycle, and started to unclip her helmet as the tall, muscular build of Constable Loxley ducked out of the car towards her.

“You clown,” Rob said as the rider struggled with her helmet. “Driving with no insurance, no tax, no MOT… you’re going to have the book thrown at you,” he grinned, allowing his eyebrows to rise as the helmet came off and he took his first look at Scarlett Riding.

This modern-day Robin Hood becomes an outlaw when the powers in the police force disagree with his no-nonsense attitude and single-minded determination to get to the roots of crime in the City of Nottingham. As the leader of The Hoodies, Rob begins vigilante action whilst fighting against the corruption that ousted him from the force. Join him and Scarlett on their crusade. Get ready – The Hoodies are coming.

The first eight pages of Story One from In The Hood are available to read for free at the official website

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Lucy Goudie is a fantasy, sci fi and poetry author. She can be found at or on Twitter @lucygoudie