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finding inspiration, stairway to heaven and cowslips

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What do you do to find inspiration for that task in hand? Do you look for it or do you find it when you are busy doing other things?

Staircase III Do Ho Suh at Tate Modern


On Friday I had time for a whistle stop tour of both Tates in London. I particularly loved this piece at Tate Modern and my first thought was “stairway to heaven”.


Seeing some of the collection at Tate Britain brought back fond memories of the first time I saw artworks “in the flesh” when I was herded around the galleries on a trip from my school in the North East as a teenager. Watching an abundance of youth in the galleries on their school trips made me ponder on how their creative futures might be kick started by the inspiration they found there ….. or not.

The train journey home gave me time to ponder my post, but not enough connectivity to do anything about it! This lack of linkage to cyberspace also meant I was frustrated in my efforts to find out the results of the Antenna Amplify Awards that were taking place. A brief connection to Facebook meant I discovered my favourite cake creators Frabjous Events (there is so much more to their business than just cake!) had come away with an Amplify Evolve Award. I hope that Antenna will post more news of the winners soon.

Making the effort to go to both Tates made me muse (reference to Greek Goddess intended) about why I don’t make more effort to see stuff here in Nottingham, there’s shed loads of it after all! Whilst I have been to the fabulous Burra at Djanogly Gallery,  I have yet to see Hetain Patel at New Art Exchange. I made a special effort to get to the Baltic in Gateshead to see the Turner Prize but not recently visited Nottingham Contemporary.  Sometimes there’s a feeling that what’s on your doorstep can be enjoyed any time….. until you miss it …… note to self make the effort more often!

The final inspiration for today’s post came when I was walking my dog. An abundance of cowslips reminded me to mention the fantastic Cowslip Sunday at Lambley on 6 May. A revival of a traditional community celebration which was in its hey day in Victorian times. The abundant yellow wild flower was collected and sold for winemaking and there was much merrymaking! Next week there will be a procession, play and much more rounded off by the cowslip ceilidh.

Find time to visit the first of Open Studios Notts this Bank Holiday weekend too. I am making sure it is on my “must see” list!