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MIY way – Co-oproduct launch – how to reuse materials & Make It Yourself

cola 30 Sarah Turner close up of light reusing cola bottles

Co-oproduct launch an enlightened family?

I am no stranger to creative recycling/upcycling/reuse ( I write this adorned with jewellery by Anna Roebuck made from plastic bags and aluminium cans, not though you’d notice). Just because its recycled it doesn’t have to look like rubbish! This was demonstrated yesterday evening by Co-oproduct founders Jamie & Tracy at a small gathering to celebrate the launch of their community interest company.

They describe their website as a portal for the free sharing of product design ideas focusing on Creative ReUse. You can register and submit product ideas, sell them as ready mades on the site and more interestingly each design must have step by step Make it Yourself (MIY) instructions! Anyone who uses the design can donate to the designer through an online Honesty-Box.

Jamie & Tracy want more designers and makers to submit products to the site and spread the word about the community they are building both regionally and beyond. Co-oproduct also do research and education work.

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