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Fine art at Djanogly – first time in a real gallery space

The University of Nottingham’s Fine Art Degree Show is this week’s installation at Djanogly Gallery. Ten students have their work on display and, if you haven’t made it down there yet, there’s a real variety of styles, including painting, photography, puppets and work incorporating light and sound. Creative Nottingham spoke to one of the students, Mary Hayes, about the installation.

“Wow! The exhibition has finally been put together! Being in a big gallery is really different from that of a studio space. It only took three or four hours to get my installation into the allocated space, and up and running, but the final touches took two more days to complete. A wall had to be created for the lights to reflect onto, then it had to be fixed onto the real wall. There was all the business of hiding the joins, making sure the fixings were hidden by painting them to match the wall, waiting for paint layers to dry, taping wires to the floor neatly and so on. When you think it’s all complete there is still the lighting to consider. I was lucky. It was much more difficult for artists who had pictures to fix to the wall (although there was a brilliant gizmo that projected straight lines on the wall from a laser to get it perfectly straight or level), puppets to arrange, or technology to put right which always has a spat just when you need to rely on it.

It’s an incredibly varied exhibition, with subjects ranging from political to personal. Visitors seem to be enjoying it too. It’s the private view tonight, so bigwigs to meet and fun to be had – more tomorrow…”

The Exhibition runs till 10 June at Djanogly Gallery, Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham University Park, NG7 2RD

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